Coach Pitch rules '22

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Middleton Baseball Association Coach Pitch Rules 2022


1. All players will be in uniforms of the same or identical team color including caps as provided by the sponsoring club.

2. Catchers must wear a protective helmet, facemask with throat protector attached and Chest protector. Shin guards and protective cups are optional.

3. Players must wear baseball shoes, all-purpose rubber cleats or tennis shoes. Shoes with metal cleats or street shoes cannot be worn for any games.

4. No jewelry will be worn and is prohibited.
5. All batters and base runners are required to wear helmets with dual earflaps. 

2. Coaches during batting may make hand adjustments, however, all players must hit on their own.

4. Base runners may advance on overthrown balls based on standard baseball rules.

6. Parents and spectators (other than coaches) may not sit or stand closer than 5 feet from the out-of-play lines.

Batting :

1. All teams in Coach Pitch MUST bat their roster each game.

2. In the Coach Pitch division, a player must not advance to first base when the catcher misses or drops the third strike and the other runners may not advance.

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1. A game will consist of six (6) innings or 75 minutes, whichever occurs first. No inning will

start after 55 minutes have elapsed. Teams, however, will be allowed to complete an inning

started provided it started before the 75 minute time limit. Game will drop dead at 75min.

3. Play will stop and time is called when the ball is secured within the pitcher’s control in the

pitcher’s circle and runners return to the last base occupied before the ball became dead. The

pitcher must make a play on any ground ball hit by the batter and fielded within the pitching

circle. If the ball is fielded outside the pitching circle, the pitcher may return to the circle to stop

5. End of Inning – An inning will be completed and no more runs scored after either 3 outs have


been made or Entire line up has batted.

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Middleton Baseball Association Coach Pitch Rules 2022

3. A base runner must have one foot in contact with the base until the batter has made contact with the ball.

4. The on-deck batter may warm up in the on-deck circle on the side of the field behind the batter for safety reasons.


1. Bat Throwing – Not allowed. First such occurrence will result in team warning. Second such occurrence will result in batter being called out. In both cases the ball, if struck, will be a dead ball and all runners must return to their base.

2. Base Running – All base runners must wear protective helmets when on base. All base runners must have obtained or reached any individual base before the ball is returned to the possession and control of the pitcher within the 9-foot circle. If they have not reached the base completely (not half way), the runner(s) must return to the last base touched safely before the pitcher had control of the ball within the circle to stop play.

3. Overthrows – If the ball is overthrown either from the outfield or the infield and goes out of play (beyond the out of bounds area), the base runners are entitled to the base they are advancing to plus one additional base. However, if the ball is only in the foul ball areas and does not get completely out of bounds, the base is not automatic, and the runners may advance at their own risk.

4. Players – Eleven players are allowed to play in the field, but only one player at each of the primary positions of: pitcher, catcher, first base, 2nd base, shortstop and third base. The outfield shall have a short fielder plus 4 other outfielders playing umbrella style. Free substitutions are permitted.

6. Infielders - Infielders consist of 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, 3rd baseman and shortstop. The pitcher and catcher are infielders also, but play these positions as defined by regulation baseball. Infielders shall not be positioned more than 10 feet in front or behind the baseline of the infield. Only the pitcher is allowed within the pitcher's circle. For safety reasons, the catcher must remain along a straight line from the pitcher and close to the backstop until the ball is hit.


5. Playing Time - Every player must play at least two (2) innings per game, all players present

will bat whether playing in the field or not. The batting order will not be changed once the

game has started. Late arriving players will be added to the end of the batting order. Once a

player is in the batting order, he/she has to stay there regardless whether he/she is playing a

field position.

Middleton Baseball Association Coach Pitch Rules 2022

7. Outfielders - Outfielders must play an outfield position associated with normal baseball and should position themselves at least 20 feet beyond the infield base line until the ball is struck. Outfielders will not come within the infield to cover a base or other infield positions unless backing up another infield player.


1. Each batter will receive five (5) pitches

2. There will be no walks in Coach pitch. The batter either hits or is out.

3. If the fifth (5th) pitch is hit foul, the pitcher will pitch again until batter misses the pitch, hits the ball fair or fouls out to a defensive player in the game.

4. The player/pitcher must start out at least even with the coach/pitcher or After the ball leaves the coach/pitcher’s hand, the player/pitcher is free to move about


1. You MUST always set a good example of GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP for all players and spectators.

2. Coaches will meet before the beginning each game to go over ground rules and cover any questions.

3. Injured player MUST be attended to immediately.

4. Remember to keep it simple. Every coach should be more concerned with the players learning how to play the game rather than who wins or loses. There are NO losers, we are all winners! Always use ENCOURAGEMENT AND ENTHUSIASM!